About largest socks in Vietnam

About largest socks in Vietnam
 Phu Vinh Hung products varied in type, color, style, with high-quality materials to meet the needs of the market.
Wishing to keep innovating and making a unique product, build buzz for the brand Bizmen, attracting the attention of customers, the company leadership and all officers and employees Phu Vinh Hung launched the idea of ​​socks (socks) greatest record ever in Vietnam.
Socks were made to launch domestic and overseas customers on the occasion of opening shop in Downtown Bizmen Time City on the occasion of Christmas 2013. To complement this product, Phu Vinh Hung has dedicated a Textiles performed during 4 days, from 6 skilled workers perform with total 12,800 stitches.
With two main colors red and black, this product is suitable for display over Christmas 2013 near. Is the perfect size 3.2 m long, 0.8 m wide with material used is 100% Acrylic.
Hanoi Young Business Association presented flowers and congratulations now owns Phu Vinh Hung Vietnam record.
Organization Vietnam record officially recognized record: socks (socks) largest Bizmen Vietnam - Unit owner: Knitting Co. Phu Vinh Hung.
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