The interesting tips for preserving your dress

The interesting tips for preserving your dress
Removing stains / mold on clothes
After a period of use, your clothes will fall into the state old and yellowed. If you want to remove any stains or discoloration that gold then spray white vinegar solution or white liquor is diluted with water to the fabric is stain that region. Dried naturally and any unpleasant odor of vinegar and wine with stains and interpret it to fly away before. With the situation being moldy cloth soak in water solution of baking soda mixed leave for 1-2 days and all traces of mold will be eliminated completely.
Keeping the items jeans / denim
If you want to keep the color of jeans / denim best when let them stay away from the usual detergent. When should wash soak them in cold water with one cup baby more harmony white vinegar. Then to dry clothes naturally with sunlight, vinegar will keep intact the color and durability of the material while the smell would not go away when flying away dry cloth.
Deodorizing shoes
To eliminate odors in shoes put a small tea bags and shoes overnight. Tea (especially green tea) are capable of very high deodorant, it will absorb all odors in shoes. Repeat this every odor reappeared.
Soften thin sweater and itching
Hair care products that you use for that to take care of their hair is also likely soften the stiff wool to remove the feeling itchy, uncomfortable to wear. By soaking in warm sweater to add a few drops of conditioner, then wash as normal and dried naturally in the sun.
Remove stains on leather bags
The adhesive stains on leather bags are often very difficult to clean, especially with the light colored bag is much more difficult. Meanwhile, if you want to remove any stubborn stains that use a soft cloth dipped in white vinegar and clean and wipe the soiled skin.
Giúp khóa kéo trơn và dễ kéo hơn
Với những khóa kéo bằng kim loại sau một thời gian sử dụng hoặc với áo mới chưa dùng lần nào, phần khóa có thể hơi rít và khó kéo. Khi đó hãy dùng một cây nến hoặc miếng xà phòng nhỏ chà sát dọc phần răng cưa của khóa cho đến khi khóa trơn và dễ kéo hơn thì dừng lại.
Keep shirts are soft
If you want to keep the shirt fresh and soft after long time use, soak clothes in salt water dilution and leave like that for 3 days. Saline will clean all types of bacteria resistance and cause yellowing and discoloration old situation of the shirt. Then you can wash them as usual with detergents or other cleaning agents.
Remove stains of sweat
Apply for your white stuff, a few aspirin tablets dissolved in water and then soak the shirt in pots is approximately 2-3 hours. Soluble aspirin will neutralize and remove all sweat stains on clothing gold adhesion.
Polished leather
If oils such as olive, walnut oil or vegetable oil works really polished leather but the price is higher than just the usual polish shoes then you can apply using the banana peel to just clean medium polished brings quick results for your shoes.
Removing wool / fiber fabric with ruffled shirt
The quickest way to eliminate the phenomenon of fabric or cotton wool flannel was rubbing the area with a pumice stone (stones used to exfoliate in the shower), and then use the tape roll to take away any fabric excess linger on clothes.