Dear customers, partners and shareholders now!
JSC Phu Vinh Hung Textile Garment Group entity Phu Thanh (Phu Thanh Group) was established on 15/01/2008 with the initial charter capital of 1.5 billion, including the production lines Main business: apparel, fiber production, producing woven fabrics, finishing textile products, knitwear production, garment exports.
As the demand and the expansion of production and business activities, May 11/2014, through the issue of shares to existing shareholders at the ratio of 1:63, JSC Phu Thanh May raise capital 96 billion leveraged up and operating as a parent company - subsidiary. In particular, the parent company is JSC Phu Thanh Garment units operating in the field of trade, manufacturing clothes, underwear and subsidiaries Knitting Co. Phu Vinh Hung will be specialized in the field manufacturing stockings, towards an Phu Thanh Textile Group member units have enough financial capability and technology to the forefront of the textile industry in Vietnam.
During 6 years, with the efforts, the efforts of the staffs of the Company, Phu Thanh has made the remarkable progress, from a small scale company inception, so far the company has come one of the major companies in the textile and garment industry of Vietnam. Products of Phu Thanh company now has presence in 60/63 cities and provinces across the country, as well as meet the demand for quality higher and higher exports to expand the international market, with the brand development constantly developing and becoming more and more popular as BIZMEN, PAKY, ESTINI, PODO ... Towards BIZMEN will become brand socks and underwear No.1 Vietnam, and that is the pride of the company and the whole staff.
Phu Thanh annual company regularly welcome foreign customers (Cuba, France, Japan, USA, USA, Korea, China ...) visiting and signing long-term contracts with the increasingly multi form, rich in variety, standardization of quality, affordable price.
Mark the efforts as well as the credibility of the market for the company's product line, Phu Vinh Hung Phu Thanh and proud to have achieved many titles as:
- Award "Golden Lotus Silk" 2006;
- Award "Golden Star Red River Delta Region" in 2008;
- Gold Medal & Certificate of high quality goods VN conformity with Decision Bonus No. 1522 / QD-LHH dated 24/11/2009;
- Top 500 consumer products and services in Vietnam in 2010;
- Top 100 consumer products Capital 2013;
- Merit by the Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee awarded achievements in business have the movement now 2013.
- Typical Business Award Capital of Small and Medium Enterprises Association of Hanoi in 2014.
- Red Star Award - TOP 100 Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs 2014.
To obtain these results, Phu Thanh Group would like to express sincere to customers and partners have been with us during the past, and we always welcome new cooperation relations to develop the market, competitiveness for businesses in the future.
Phu Thanh Group will strive unceasingly for the mission to build brand fashion merchandise Vietnam have vitality, aspirations, to the Company become a trusted destination for partners and investors in and abroad.
Sincerely thank!