[CEO TALK] businessman bravery with career crisis

[CEO TALK] businessman bravery with career crisis
Following the success of 4 Talkshow before, recently, CEO of Hanoi Youth Club in collaboration with the club 2E and the International Training Centre of Hanoi NIIT Education-ICT program continue to organize CEOs Talk Show No. 5.
CEO Talk Show No. 5 Connect Enterprise - Future-oriented theme: "The business field of career crisis" with the participation of three talented young CEO: Mr. Dang Khanh - Director of Legislation - JSC Corporation Vietnam Australia Refrigeration Electrical machine (brand Kangaroo); Nguyen Thi Lan Huong - CEO JSC Vietnam Import-Export Production and Fujian; Mr. Nguyen Viet Tung - Chairman and CEO of Phu Thanh Textile Group (brand all Bizmen).

Các vị diễn giả tham gia CEO Talk Show số 5

By experience, from different angles, three young CEOs have shared a lot about yourself as well as about the process to become a successful CEO. Dang Tran Khanh made the students be surprised to share in the initial capital to start a business Kangaroo 15 million. After 11 years, Kangaroo earned profit of up to 18.000 billion, more than a thousand times the initial capital.
Mr. Nguyen Viet Tung also shared about the difficulties of starting business when starting a business. Capital, technology, human resources ... are the difficulties that businesses encounter. He thought that to go on this road, there should be a change, it is the change in technology. From there, he decided to change technology to create better quality products. That is exactly what the market needs, the latest known Bizmen more, sell more. Since then, business technology is always changing, so that more and gratify the tastes of consumers.
The students listen to the shared, sincere advice from people who have experience
The students listen to the shared, sincere advice from people who have experience
According to Mr. Nguyen Viet Tung, the most important thing for business success is thanks to the passion, he became entrepreneur by passion. He also gives advice to the young people that, beyond passion, wants to be a successful entrepreneur needs to have 5 equally important factor is the center, Games, Money, Finance, Tri. There are 5 factors, your business will easily succeed.
Ms. Nguyen Thi Lan Huong has very practical advice for the students dream of doing business. According to her, when choosing this path, each person must equip themselves with the basic skills of business, market, marketing, advertising ... Must be able to determine what the market needs, itself capable What power, can meet the market or not? And business people have always had a sincere attitude with customers, see their wishes and meet the expectations it so satisfactions.
CEO Talk Show No. 5 helped the students are listening to the shared, sincere advice from people who have experience, and help you relieve your anxiety is about starting a business opportunity in the Current points. This really is a useful playground for the young, just as the foundation, both the environment in order for you to learn, exchange and gradually formed oriented, nurturing their dreams.

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